About The Affordable Travler

Hello! I am Hunter, the creator of The Affordable Traveler. My goal as author of this blog is to help everyday people explore the world, AFFORDABLY!


I am not a nomad or hardcore back packer or even a full time traveler but rather someone living in an average household working in corporate America. My wife is a business owner and we have 2 pets; a dog and cat. We have limited funds and I have limited time off work but we don't let any of this prevent us from exploring the globe! We've been able to visit 20+ countries.


Growing up I had traveled once or twice internationally with my family but my passion started in 2009 when I spent 2 weeks in Australia. Here I came to realize how much there is to see and experience. Since then I haven't looked back and don't plan to slow down any time soon. 


My mission is to provide simple, affordable and enjoyable information.


Simple.    Affordable.     Enjoyable.