6 Simple Reasons to Book a Staycation Now

Staycation (n): getting out of your house for a change and staying at a local resort to relax, spend time with the family and decompress

The concept of Staycations is nothing new and many families resort to this approach as it can be quite affordable. Right away you are cutting out the cost of airfare and potentially car rentals. You are able to score even better deals since by default you know when low season generally is in your city. (hint: it's when the tourists all disappear) More details below as we unveil the 6 reasons you need to book one now!

Let's take Scottsdale, Arizona for example, it is a beautiful, thriving city that nine months out of the year people from across the country pour into to escape their winters. The city is full of nightlife, stunning hikes and some of the nicest 5 star resorts. But three months out of the year it averages 100 degrees a day and can reach levels of 118+ with monsoon conditions. Now this sounds hot, terrible and down right miserable but when you live in your city you have most likely adjusted to the seasons. Having lived in the heat now for a few years 100+ is a walk in the park, so that means the empty 5 star resorts are a perfect place to stay at for under $100 dollars a night.

Now picture this: you pack your bag, grab some food for the weekend and drive fifteen minutes down the road, valet parks your car (lot of resorts its the same cost if valet parks it or you do, check before) and you are greeted by the host as if you had just flown across the country. They cart you off to your 500 square foot suite in the back of the 35 acre resort after passing 3 restaurants, a spa and 2 pools. We are speaking from experience, its a great feeling. Our most recent stay was the The Omni located near Scottsdale in Arizona.

1. Staycations are affordable

Staycations are easy on the wallet, the reason is you have no airfare, no car rental, you can pack your car full of groceries and drinks and you know where great local food is located. Or you can eat and drink all the resort food, not as budget friendly, but you've already saved so much at this point. Its quite easy to score a $400+ a night 5 star resort for under $100 dollars during low season. Check out our post on how to score even better deals using this trick on Priceline.

2. Low Stress, Maximum Relaxation

These types of vacations are meant to be low stress especially if you're traveling with a family. You don't have to get your children through the long TSA lines, they only need to be able to handle a short car ride. These trips don't require you to spend hours researching tours to take, safety tips, or learn any languages. Rather you just have to decide which of the amazing resorts to stay at! And name the last trip you took where all you did was hang at the resort.. I'm sure that is difficult

3. No Paid Time Off (PTO) needed

You get all the benefits of an amazing vacation while not needing to burn through your limited supply of time off. You can book a nice Friday-Sunday stay and head over when you leave the office Friday evening. The day you checkout you can drop your bags off at the front and still enjoy the resort the rest of the day!

4. No Recovery Required

Alright.. this is only partially true, it depends on how hard you party at the resort. But if you don't go to over the top with drinking you get to sleep in, choose what time you leave and can be home in a few minutes. That means no more late flights in with early mornings in the office. Rather, a drive home, single load of laundry, dinner at home and bed on time.

5. No Packing Required

No need to grab that passport, grab 10 outfits, all the camera gear, first aid or that guide book. All that is needed is some comfortable outfits, 1 fancy outfit for that dinner at the fancy resort restaurant and your tooth brush. Grab some snacks on the way over, you'll want them!

6. Supporting the Local Economy

A often overlooked part is you are supporting YOUR local economy. You are putting your hard earned money back into your local city and business by doing a staycation. Those dollars will help keep that hotel open another day for another staycation.

These are only 6 of the reasons why you should do a staycation, there are many more but bottomline we suggest it. Worse case you're out a few hundred bucks, much cheaper than that abroad trip, and a short drive home. Comment below on your experience at a staycation!

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