How Best to Tackle Peru

The typical issue has occurred... we've all been there... you have a limited time, let's say 10 days, but a huge country that has soo much to offer. You might have one or two major tourist attractions you want to see and are planning to schedule the entire trip around them. These attractions probably will take you to several different cities but outside of these how long should you spend in each one yet at the same time you don't want to make the mistake of spending half your trip stuck in taxis, buses, airports or train stations. If you're like us you'll research forums for hours and see the classic response that the 3 days you planned in that city isn't nearly enough and you should have some how booked ten weeks (yaaa... super realistic right...these forums never cease to amaze us) (Speaking of forums.. check ours out for likeminded travelers and help contribute here) Well if you are traveling to South America and Peru is on your list we have outlined below the itinerary we created to have the right balance.

10 days starting here..