How to get from Bogota to Catedral de Sal?

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Beautiful cross in the salt mine located in Colombia

One of the top sites to visit is the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira which is outside of Bogota, Colombia. The Cathedral is 500 feet below the surface in an old salt mine. It is one of those sites that is worth the effort and time to visit but might not be worth the cost of a private transfer or taxi. It costs between 35-50 dollars each way to take an Uber which means it can cost a total of 70-100 USD round trip not including admission tickets into the mine! We recommend advance purchasing them to receive a slight 10% off discount!

Now how you can get there for a few dollars:

1. Go to a bus station, preferably the Transmilenio Station (Las Aguas) to make it the simplest but any station will work, you'll just have to switch lines. (Bus line photo below) The station is located at Calle 19 and Carrera

2. Go to the window to buy a fare from the bus attendant to Portal Norte. They will handle you a plastic bus fare card, it cost us approx 1700 COP (under 1 USD) per person

3. Take any of the B line buses to the last stop Portal Norte. #B74 is a popular one many people take but any B line bus should work.

4. Exit the bus and cross the platform to "Intermunicipal". There are signs everywhere for you to follow.

5. Line up under the section Zipaquira to catch the next bus. You can ask anyone "a Zipa?" and they will confirm with a nod.

6. Pay your fare on the bus after the journey has started (no fare cards on this one) and tell the attendant "Catedral de Sal". It will cost you approx. 4700 COP. per person (under 2 USD)

7. The attendant will have the bus stop in Zipa on the street you'll need to walk up to get to the Catedral de Sal. On the way off the bus just confirm with "Catedral de Sal?"

8. Take a cab to the top for a few dollars, we walked it not realizing it was over a mile away and up a large hill. It will be worth the extra money! Always be sure to negotiate the fare prior to getting into the car, it should only be a couple of dollars!

9. On your return walk down or cab down to 15th street. Most likely the street you were dropped off on. There will be buses heading out of town, often times the attendant will see you and job on off the bus to ushering you on. You can use any of the following phrases to confirm its the right one "Portal Norte" "Bogota" "Parada de autobus a Bogota"

10. The bus station will look familiar but before departing confirm it is Portal Norte.

11. Then catch a J line bus back to Las Aguas, preferably J72 to its final stop.

And thats how you can do it for a few dollars rather than $100. The Colombian bus lines in Bogota are some of the most efficient and quick buses we have been on. They spent years of studying how to establish it, well it has paid off!

Different bus lines:

Bus system photo of Colombia bus lines

What makes it worth it, this view!

stunning chamber located in Salt Mine in Colombia

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