Skyscanner: How to get the Best Deals

The trick to traveling affordably starts at finding the best airline deals. We've previously covered this in our piece on The 5 Crucial Rules to Affordable Traveling where we recommend different services to find the best deals. But that doesn't mean we stop looking for even better ways to do it and guess what, we recently we stumbled upon one! You can thank us later.

Its called Skyscanner, you can use their desktop version or download the handy app. We tend to check the app every few days and it only takes 5 minutes to scroll through the list.

Website How To:

Step 1:

When you visit Skyscanner on your desktop the home page will look similar to this. If you have a specific place in mind with dates then feel free to search by that. (Remember, the best deals are when you have no location or dates in mind!)

If you plan to follow the rule of being flexible then look for the "Search Everywhere" spot. (red box below)

Step 2:

To the right of the "To" box it should read something along the lines of one way. Click on that to have the drop box appear and select find cheapest month. It will update the depart and return box to "Cheapest month"

Step 3:

Start scrolling through the list and expand any countries that check your eye!

*This is my favorite about Skyscanner, it breaks it down by country then expands to by city within the country

Step 5:

Once you find a price you are interested in then click on it. You'll need to tab through the months to find the deal. If you use the app, it will automatically tell you the dates. That will help you determine if the timing is right, ie 14 day trip vs a 5 day trip. Thats why we recommend the app over the website but either one is a great resource!

Step 6:

Click show flights

Step 7:

Click select on the deal that works for you!

Step 8:

Select which webpage is offering the best deal for that travel and then book it!

Be sure to check out their tab on hotels and car rentals to make sure you are getting the best deal!

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