Southwest Companion Pass Explained and Quickest Way to Currently Earn It

Do you like buy one get one free deals?

Do you tend to always travel with the same few people?

How about traveling more often if you had points?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you should familiarize yourself with the companion pass that Southwest offers. If you are reading this only for the "Quickest way to earn it" then read directly below. If you don't know what the Companion pass is then be sure to read the entire article.

Bottom line, what's the quickest way to earn it?

We promise our content on our website to be simple so here you have it:

Right Here

Southwest's current credit card offer is earn a Companion Pass and 30,000 points after spending 4,000 points in the first 3 months. The promotion is running until 2/11/19 and the Companion pass is only valid through 12/31/19. Read below to learn how this is generally shorter than earning the Companion pass the regular way. (Companion pass tend to be valid for 1+ years) Honestly, we've never seen this offer before and it has garnered a lot of attention.

*We receive no compensation, points or anything at all for you clicking the links in this article so feel free to use our links or directly Southwest's. Either way be sure to read their terms and conditions to have the most up to date information and understanding of the program.

What is a companion pass?

Southwest offers what is known as a companion pass. The companion pass allows someone to travel for FREE whenever you fly with Southwest. The person must be designated as your companion (ie a friend designating their best friend or a spouse designated another spouse) but this can be changed several times throughout the year but to a certain limit. Be sure to check the eligibility of changing companions before planning on that.

How long is it valid for?

Generally, it is valid for the year you earn it plus the following year. For example, if you meet the program requirements in January 2019 then the pass is good for the rest of 2019 and 2020! That is so many free flights!

How do you earn it?

You need to earn 110,000 Companion Pass qualifying points or who fly 100 qualifying one-way flights per calendar year (that's a lot of flying..)

What are qualifying points?

Southwest has a rewards program where you earn Rapid Reward points. You can earn these by signing up for the rapid rewards program on and then booking flights. A few other ways to earn them include booking hotels and car rentals through Southwest's website. Or by participating in various partner programs such as signing up for a wine club they partner with... i.e current offer of bonus 2,000 points. A common approach is for a travel to sign up for a Southwest credit card and earn qualifying points on every purchase.

What are some shortcuts to earning the Companion pass?

Sign up for Southwest credit card + reach pend minimum requirement amount to be eligible for signing bonus = generally 30,000-60,000 bonus points.

If you have a business, sign up for both a personal and business credit card to combine signup bonus (both count!) Depending on the timeframe the sign up bonuses could be 110,000. That means a companion pass and 110,000 points you can use on flights!

Take several Southwest flights and use the portal for your hotels, cars and any partner offers.

Can I combine my points earned with my spouses or someone in my household?

Unfortunately that doesn't count. One person has to earn the program requirements to be eligible.

Where can I find the most up to date information on the terms and conditions?


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