The Lesser Known Money Saving Feature Credit Cards Offer for Free

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

Do you shop online? (who doesn’t)

Do you buy anything for your upcoming trips? (I’m sure you do)

Do you buy these items with your credit card? (most likely)

Did you know credit cards often times provides 30-120-day price protection? (huh. No.. what price protection?)

Did you know there is an app that will do all the work for you? (doubtful)

One of the many lesser-known features of the majority of credit cards is price protection. Think of a time you may have bought an item in the past only to find it on sale a month later at a different store, upsetting..right?! With price protection, you are protected from these moments and can be refunded the difference between what you paid vs what the sale price is advertised at ANY store. But.. it requires you to file a claim, submit proof and wait for a check. Sounds painful and tedious... But it doesn't have to be!

I stumbled upon this app a few months back and I love it! (and no, this is not a paid ad... I'm not cool enough) It’s called Earny! To use Earny you link your credit card account and your email with it. It will automatically track your e-receipts and match it to your credit card activity. It then monitors the price of that item for 30-120 days (credit card dependent), if it finds a price drop it AUTOMATICALLY files the claim for you. You sit back, relax and enjoy the checks coming in the mail.

It was great during the holiday season when I did online shopping for everyone, now it is February and I’m still getting money back. In less than 6 months I have had over $50 dollars c returned to me and all I did was sign up for an app.

What’s the catch you ask… well, Earny does charge a 25% commission to you for any money they successfully claim on behalf of you. It is charged to a payment method of your choice and is done at the end of each month. But you are still 75% ahead of when you weren’t filing these claims!

Again, this isn’t a paid review, I just love this app. I love getting money back to use it for more traveling and knowing the fact that I got the best deal possible.

See the steps below!

Stay tuned on how I pair this up with another rebates website to maximize my rebates, earning points and protect my purchases!

Sign up here


Step 1: Click on the link above then select which email provider you use.

Step 2: Sign into your email provider

Step 3: Provide Earny the access needed to track your e-receipt

Step 4: Link your Amazon account

Step 5 : Link your credit card accounts

Step 6: Provide Earny with what account they should charge their commission

Step 7: Sit back and watch your purchases pull through, start tracking and the claims coming in. Here is a screenshot of a few claims I’ve had.

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