Travel Essentials for those Long Haul Flights

We have had the privilege of taking plenty of long haul flights which require 10+ hours in a plane or even long trips with 4 layovers and 30+ hours of travel time. With these joyous journies we have identified the travel eseentials to make them that much more manageable. We know our readers have varying budgets so we broke it down with the must haves to some nice additions, with links included to amazon to make those purchases!

Must haves

Neck Pillow

We are the people that try to grab as much sleep on the plane as possible so with that you need a comfy neck pillow. Those plane headrests are not the greatest. Did you know some planes you can adjust the head rest, be sure to take advantage of that for maximum comfort!

Battery Pack

Not every plane will have an outlet and it isn't a great feeling landing in a foreign place with a dead battery or it dying in the middle of the cliff hanger movie you're watching. It is a great idea to carry one of these not only for the travel but for those long adventure days. We tend to recommend a larger battery of 10000mAh. An iphone battery capacity is generally around 3,000 mAh so 10k will charge it several times or help your travel buddy out too.


We are sure you have a dozen pairs laying around but we would regret not adding these to the list of must haves. How do you plan to watch that movie, listen to music or tune out the crying kid 4 rows back without a pair of headphones.


We always bring snacks because sometimes those plane meals are not enough and we travel with allergies which means options can be limited. Honeystinger is one option we stock up on both for the travel days and the hikes we often find ourselves on.

Nice Editions

Cocktail Kit

These are fun ideas for any of those travelers who like to enjoy a nice cocktail on a long flight. We wouldn't necessarily call them inexpensive but if you ever need a gift idea or a surprise for your travel buddy this is a great gift.

Face Wash

Traveling for 24+ plus hours in a small plane and crowded airport will leave you feeling exhausted and dirty. Having a small thing of face wash to freshen up in the bathroom will help reenergize you.

Compression Socks

If you are one to get cold on a plane it doesn't hurt to have long socks. We've had our fair share of plane rides where we didn't have enough layers on and it was miserable. These are suppose to be great for traveling and for those active days during your trip.


We love these because when you are traveling through places full of people sick then Vitamin C is suppose to help support your immune system. These also remind us to drink fluids while traveling, without staying hydrated the jet lag won't feel great.. Its also a great way to take a break from drinking plane water. We always buy a case of these to drink throughout our entire trip.


Bring cash with you, you don't want to land in a new country only to realize your credit card or debit cards are not working correctly. And do you plan to take a taxi to your accommodations... they probably require cash. Its also can be a good idea to go to your bank and exchange currency prior to traveling. It can save money on transaction fees but be sure to check the rate you are getting!

Stay tuned on how we used Uber when we've traveled so we didn't have to negotiate taxi rates.

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